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Choosing the Right Aluminum Scaffold Plank

So, you’ve narrowed your scaffold plank down to aluminum, but you’re still not sure of which aluminum scaffold plank to choose. That’s a great first step. Now, let’s discuss the specs and technical parameters to pay attention to when choosing the right aluminum scaffold plank for your building projects.

1. Pounds per Square Foot

How much weight does your plank need to support? For example, if you have a 7 ft. plank, it should be constructed to hold 75 lbs. per square foot. Likewise, a 10 ft. plank should support 50 lbs. per square foot.

Before purchasing your aluminum plank, be sure to determine how many pounds per square foot you need to support.

2. Material: Aluminum vs. Steel

 Here are the perks of an aluminum scaffold plank:

  •  Aluminum is a lot more lightweight when compared with steel.
  • If you’re working in a wet or outdoor area, you’ll benefit from aluminum because it is corrosion-resistant.
  • Need to move your plank around frequently? Aluminum is significantly more adaptable when compared with steel.
All-Aluminum Scaffold Plank

When to Choose Steel?

So, when should you use a steel scaffold plank for your project? If you need a plank that can hold a significant amount of weight, then steel is going to be the better alternative for your project.

Regardless of whether you choose aluminum or steel, you’ll want to ensure you properly utilize safety equipment and that you use your plank with the appropriate amount of pounds per square foot.

Aluminum Extension Plank

3. Extension

Do you need your aluminum plank to have an extension capability? At Badger Ladder, we offer aluminum extension planks with a 250-pound weight capability. These extend from 6-9 feet, 8-13 feet, or 10-17 feet. Depending on your project’s specific needs, you may need your plank to have a width of 12″, 14″, 20″, or 24″.

To get started, you can simply browse our online store or contact us with questions, and we can help you find the best equipment for your project.

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4. Manufacturer

Finally, let’s discuss choosing the right aluminum scaffold plank from the right manufacturer. To do this, make sure you have chosen a trustworthy company, like Titan, whose products meet or exceed the requirements that are set by OSHA and ANSI. Titan aluminum scaffold planks, for example, are reliable due to their durability and lightweight quality.

The Badger Ladder team strongly recommends that you DO NOT purchase boards from a lumber yard, as this could be hazardous to you and your building crew. Always ensure that your planks have been tested for quality and stability, are the correct size, and meet OSHA compliance standards.

Why Choose Badger Ladder for Aluminum Planks?

Badger Ladder sells aluminum scaffold planks and stages from the brand Titan. Our planks can be utilized for either supported or suspended scaffolding systems. Our aluminum planks are the perfect solution for pump jacks, aluminum scaffolding, and ladder jacks. Currently, we offer 7-foot (75 lbs. per sq. ft. ) and 10-foot (50 lbs. per sq. ft.) aluminum planks with a plywood top and an all-aluminum option.

If you have any questions about our aluminum scaffold planks, please reach out to our team at (800) 863-9791. Badger Ladder has locations in Green Bay, WI, Cranbury, NJ, and Savannah, GA, to better serve our valued customers. Contact our team today for assistance on scaffold planks.