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Scaffold Rentals

Badger Ladder provides protection canopies, pipe scaffolding, system scaffolding, and staircase tower rentals alike for a number of commercial and industrial purposes. More detailed information on our scaffold rentals below.

At Badger Ladder, we understand contractor needs and has been providing specialized contractor service for 30+ years! The types of scaffolding we offer for rent include: our scaffolding packages/scaffold towers, our scaffold frames, including our yellow, red, and blue designs, narrow scaffold frames, multi-function scaffolding, premium scaffold package, scaffold pedestal, and more.

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Protection Canopies

Protection Canopies Scaffold Rentals

Our protection canopies serve as a reliable weather-resistant enclosure for both workers and equipment on the jobsite. Designed for outdoor construction and renovation projects, these canopies provide essential protection against inclement weather conditions. Renting a protection canopy is the ideal solution to safeguard your scaffold from rain, snow, and other elements. Suitable for commercial and industrial purposes, these canopies guarantee uninterrupted work while you perform building tasks in the great outdoors!

Need protection canopy scaffolding? Please call our team to request availability!

Pipe Scaffolding Rentals

Badger Ladder offers scaffold rentals for pipe scaffolding, featuring tubes and couplers that can be quickly assembled or disassembled according to your needs. This versatile solution is perfect for small to medium-sized construction and building projects. Whether it’s new construction, renovations, demolitions, or maintenance tasks, our pipe scaffolding rentals offer flexibility and efficiency to your team. Badger Ladder’s pipe scaffolding consists of tubes and couplers that you and your team can easily assemble or disassemble as needed.

Call us for a FREE quote and to request availability for pipe scaffolding systems!

System Scaffolding Rentals

Our system scaffolding rentals provide exceptional versatility compared to pipe scaffolding. With prefabricated components, these scaffolds can be configured in various ways to accommodate the specific requirements of your commercial or industrial project. System scaffolding is equally suitable for larger construction and renovation projects as well as industrial and manufacturing settings, ensuring stability and safety throughout the job.

Please contact Badger Ladder today to rent system scaffolding!

Staircase Tower Scaffold Rentals

For projects requiring frequent access to multiple levels, such as theater renovations, our staircase towers are the perfect choice. These scaffolding structures feature a central tower equipped with staircases and landings on each level, providing a secure and efficient means of movement for your building team. With staircase towers, you can confidently navigate different levels of your construction or renovation project, ensuring productivity and safety. Staircase towers are perfect for projects that require frequent access to multiple levels!

If you’re looking for staircase tower scaffolding, please contact the team for rental inquiries here!

Available Scaffolding Equipment for Rent:

  • Tube & Clamp: This scaffolding equipment is highly versatile and can be assembled in various configurations to fit different shapes and sizes of buildings or structures. The tubes serve as the primary structure, while the clamps (or couplers) are used to connect the tubes at different angles. More about our tube and clamp scaffolding here.
  • Sidewalk Canopies: Sidewalk canopies are typically made of scaffolding with a roof-like covering overhead. They provide safety by shielding pedestrians from falling debris and also allow foot traffic to continue uninterrupted during construction.
  • Putlogs: Putlogs are horizontal members in scaffold systems. One end of a putlog is placed in a hole in the wall (hence sometimes called a ‘putlog hole’), and the other end is supported by the scaffolding structure. They are used to support a working platform, and their use is common in bricklaying and other facade work.
  • Internal Stairways: These are stairways constructed within the scaffolding structure. They provide safe and easy access to different levels of the scaffold for workers. Internal stairways are especially important in high scaffolding structures, ensuring efficient and safe movement up and down the scaffold.
  • System Scaffold: This type of scaffolding is known for its quick and easy assembly, strength, and versatility. It’s often used in industrial applications due to its robust nature and ability to conform to a variety of geometries.
  • Shoring: Shoring refers to the use of scaffold-like structures to support the loads of the building rather than workers. This can be critical in construction or renovation projects where the structural integrity of a building needs temporary reinforcement.
Scaffolding Equipment for Rent

Commercial Scaffold Rentals

Scaffolding rentals can be used in a wide range of commercial applications. Here are some of the most common services and equipment that scaffolding rentals are suitable for when it comes to commercial use:

  • New Constructions: No matter if you’re constructing a new building from scratch or renovating an existing structure, our scaffold rentals provide safe and reliable access to hard-to-reach areas. From office buildings to schools, churches to restaurants and bars, we support your endeavors with professional and OSHA-certified scaffolding solutions for any new construction project you need to tackle.
  • Church Renovation: If your church is planning an extension or a brand new construction project, our scaffold rentals offer access to high ceilings, stained-glass windows, and other intricate architectural elements. We understand the importance of preserving the historical aspects of churches, ensuring careful renovation and restoration processes.
  • Theater Renovation: Movie theaters and performing arts venues often require extensive renovations. Our scaffold rentals facilitate safe access to multiple levels within theaters, allowing your team to carry out repairs and renovations to lighting, rigging, and other crucial features. Trust Badger Ladder to provide the scaffolding support your theater construction project demands.
  • Demolition: When it comes to commercial demolition projects, our scaffold rentals are extremely useful. They enable safe and efficient removal of old structures, preparing the site for new construction endeavors. With our scaffolding solutions, you can streamline the demolition process while ensuring maximum safety for your team. A scaffolding rental from Badger Ladder will be useful for safely and easily removing old structures and preparing your site for a brand new construction.
  • Maintenance: Routine maintenance is vital for keeping your structures in optimal condition. Badger Ladder’s scaffold rental service empowers you to perform essential tasks such as painting, repairs, and inspections. Whether it’s maintaining buildings, bridges, or other structures, our scaffolding solutions provide the necessary access and stability for effective maintenance operations.
  • Masonry Restoration: Likewise, scaffolding rentals can provide safe and stable access to brickwork and stonework, allowing workers to restore historic buildings to their former glory, or simply to provide routine upkeep to bricks and stones that have become damaged or worn over time. A scaffolding system will enable you and your building team to access heights you would not otherwise be able to while performing masonry work – whether it’s a brick wall or a chimney.

Industrial Scaffold Rentals

Scaffolding rentals can be used in manufacturing plants to provide safe access to equipment and machinery for repairs and maintenance. Our rentals can also provide safe access to hard-to-reach areas in power plants, such as boilers and turbines. Lastly, scaffolding rentals can be used in paper mills for routine maintenance and repairs of machinery and equipment.

  • Manufacturing: Our scaffold rentals ensure safe access to equipment and machinery in manufacturing plants, facilitating repairs, maintenance, and inspections. We prioritize the safety of your team and guarantee reliable scaffolding support for industrial operations.
  • Power Plants: Accessing hard-to-reach areas in power plants, including boilers and turbines, is much easier with our scaffold rentals! These rentals provide a secure solution for repairs, maintenance, and inspections, ensuring the smooth operation of power plants.
  • Paper Mills: Routine maintenance and repairs are vital for the efficient functioning of paper mills. Our scaffold rentals offer safe access to machinery and equipment, allowing you to carry out necessary maintenance tasks with ease. You can trust Badger Ladder to provide the scaffolding support your paper mill requires.

Why Choose Badger Ladder for Scaffold Rentals?

Badger Ladder’s scaffolding rentals offer a safe and reliable solution for construction and renovation projects of all sizes and complexities. By choosing the right type of scaffolding and equipment for your project, you can ensure the safety of your workers and the success of your project (more information here on scaffolding safety.) Whether you are involved in commercial or industrial new construction, renovation, maintenance, or demolition, our rentals can provide the access and support you need to complete your project on time and on budget.

Contact our team or give us a call today to learn more about our scaffold rental services and equipment options. Otherwise, if you prefer to own your scaffolding products for multiple projects in the future, please take a look at our scaffolding for sale here. Feel free to use our ultimate guide to scaffolding and choosing the right scaffolding for your project articles for reference.

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