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Step Ladders

Unlike straight ladders, step ladders don’t lean against a wall for support. Step ladders fold open to form an A-shape, with four feet providing stability. Their steps are also broader and deeper than the rungs of a straight ladder.

• Our products meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
• One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Types of Step Ladders

The best folding step ladder options will keep users safe as they work. Be sure to choose the right type for the particular conditions and work required:
  • A-frame: An A-frame is a freestanding ladder that looks like the letter “A” or a pyramid. Specialized A-frames may feature a telescoping frame for use on stairs or ramps, or twin steps with steps on both arms of the “A” allowing two workers to use the ladder at the same time.
  • Platform: A platform ladder is a step ladder with a broad standing surface and a safety rail at the top. This configuration offers extra working reach for projects that require a higher reach.

Load Capacity for Step Ladders

Step ladders are rated by the amount of weight they will safely hold. This number will usually appear in the ladder’s description as maximum weight in pounds. Load capacity is indicated by specific weight limits:
  • Type IAA: ladders hold up to 375 pounds.
  • Type IA: ladders hold up to 300 pounds.