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Work Platform Ladder


Fiberglass Work Platform Ladder | Type 1A 300lb Duty Rating  |  27 1/2” Wide Work Platform

Fiberglass ladders help you safely reach high objects. Great for construction work or DIY projects like painting, hanging picture frames, or installing a light. This work platform ladder by Titan is the perfect solution for many projects. Available in either 2-foot or 3-foot options.

You may be interested to learn the differences between why you might want a fiberglass ladder as opposed to an aluminum ladder. One of the main benefits that fiberglass ladders have over aluminum ladders is that they are non-conductive. This property makes fiberglass ladders perfect for those working on electrical work. They are also more resistant to weather conditions and corrosion from acid than aluminum ladders. Fiberglass ladders are also often stronger, sturdier, and heavier than their aluminum counterparts.

Fiberglass ladders do have a handful of drawbacks that you will need to take into account before making the decision to purchase one over an aluminum ladder. Firstly, fiberglass ladders are overall heavier, which makes them less portable than their aluminum counterparts. Fiberglass ladders also will need more maintenance than aluminum ladders. When fiberglass ladders are exposed to sunlight, the ultraviolet rays will deteriorate the outer layer of the ladder and will eventually affect the inner layers as well, and over time, can cause damage to the ladder’s integrity. Make sure to take the time to apply acrylic lacquer or polyurethane coating to your fiberglass ladder to ensure its quality for as long as possible. Fiberglass ladders are also more susceptible to fire, so if you’re looking to frequently fight fires, you may want to opt for an aluminum ladder.

  • FW-2 – 27 ½” x 2’ High Fiberglass Double Stepladder
  • FW-3 – 27 ½” x 3’ High Fiberglass Double Stepladder

Need a fiberglass work stand for your construction or DIY project? Let Badger Ladder be your source for all things ladders, whether fiberglass or aluminum. To compare the two types and determine which is the best choice for your project, you can learn more about aluminum vs fiberglass ladders and workstands here. At Badger Ladder, we sell various types of ladders for your personal and professional needs. These range from tall aluminum extension ladders, to all-purpose ladders, to workstands. Other workstands listed include the 2′ fiberglass double step ladder and the aluminum work stand.

To ensure your safety while working on the job, the quality Titan products sold at Badger Ladder all meet (or exceed) the standards that are required by ANSI and OSHA. Additionally, this stepladder has a 300-pound duty rating and features great durability and longevity. Questions about our fiberglass work platform ladder? Please give our team a call today at (800) 863-9791.