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Pump Jack Basic


Introducing the Pump Jack Basic from Titan. This is the go-to solution for many construction workers who are looking for better, faster, and more efficient building solutions. Our Pump Jack Basic system includes easy-to-assemble aluminum poles, pole feet, pump jacks, pump jack braces, and pump jack benches. To ensure proper use, please take a look at our Pump Jack Operating Instructions.

Pump Jack Basic Specifications:

  • (2) 24′ Aluminum Poles
  • (2) Pole Foot
  • (2) Aluminum Pump Jacks
  • (2) Pump Jack Braces
  • (2) Aluminum Pump Jack Benches

Badger Ladder has fully trained team members waiting to help you build the perfect Pump Jack System for any job you have. We recommend starting with a basic package and adding as many stages or safety equipment pieces needed to ensure OSHA requirements are met. Each of our pump jacks feature on site replaceable components, and are compatible with the leading competitor. Our aluminum pump jack components are versatile, dependable, and easy to operate for virtually any construction need you may have.

 Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects on all Aluminum Pump Jack products.

This package does not include any Aluminum Planks