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Work Stands/Platform Ladders

With 30 years of experience in the industry, we provide work stands and platform ladders to make your construction or DIY projects safer and more efficient. Our work stands/stepladders are from the Titan brand and we have several options available in both aluminum and fiberglass. Have questions about our work stand products? Please reach out to our friendly customer representatives at (800) 863-9791 today. We are happy to help you with any questions relating to pricing, shipping, inventory, and more.

• Our work stands and ladders either meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
• One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Shop Work Stands & Platform Ladders Online

No matter what you’re working on, you are going to need an appropriate work stand/platform ladder to locate and hold pieces of equipment. It’s essential to have the proper work stand in your shop or garage that will assist you in the many projects that you take part in. Titan work platform ladders from Badger Ladder are exceptionally versatile. This ensures that you can reliably and safely store or hold all the parts or heavy-duty tools you need.

Our Work Stand Ladder Products:

You can easily choose the height that will be best suited to your building project. Our work stands/stepladders range from 2-4 feet in height. At Badger Ladder, you can trust that all our workstand/step ladder products either meet or exceed standards as set by OSHA and ANSI. In addition, our work platform ladders have a one-year warranty should there be any manufacturer defects.

There are pros and cons to choosing aluminum over fiberglass and vice versa. For example, aluminum isn't quite as durable as fiberglass, but is still a great choice since it is affordable and tends to be more lightweight overall. More information on our aluminum vs fiberglass ladders article. In addition to choosing the material for your work stand, you'll also want to consider which height you'll need for your construction or home DIY project.

Aluminum Work Stand

Our aluminum work stands are Type 1A Extra Heavy Duty and have a 300-pound duty rating. We currently have three models available with differing heights for your convenience. Our heights range from two to four feet high, depending on your preference and project:

  • AW-2 - 27 ½’ x 2’ high double stepladder (18 pounds)
  • AW-3 - 27 ½” x 3’ high  double stepladder (25 pounds)
  • AW-4 - 27 ½” x 4’ high double stepladder (32 pounds)

Fiberglass Work Stand

Our fiberglass work stands by Titan are designed to be Type 1A Extra Heavy Duty. They have a 300-pound duty rating. Currently, we have one size for the fiberglass work stand at two feet high:

  • Fiberglass Double Step Ladder - 15" wide, 2' high (17 pounds)

Work Platform Ladders

Our work platform ladders by Titan have a Type 1A 300lb duty rating. Currently, for work platform ladders, we are offering two sizes - in two feet and three feet high:

  • FW-2 - 27 ½” x 2’ High Fiberglass Double Stepladder (17 pounds)
  • FW-3 - 27 ½” x 3’ High Fiberglass Double Stepladder (24 pounds)

Browse all work platform ladders online! No matter what project you’re undertaking, Badger Ladder has a workstand that can make the job easier. Many models for platform work stands fold for easier transportation, so you can pop them in the trunk or tote them around the home. For example, you can take a tool stand into the backyard while cutting planks for a new patio. The non-slip feet keep the work stand ladder in place while powering through hard lumber. Learn more about basic ladder safety and how to avoid common mistakes of ladder use here.

Work Stand Ladder FAQs

What is a platform ladder?

A platform ladder is a portable ladder with a platform manufactured at the highest standing level. Platform ladders come with a hinged design and length that's non-adjustable. Platform ladders can come in a wide range of heights and are intended for just one user at a time. Shorter platform ladders typically range from 2-4 feet in height.

Which ladder is free standing/self supporting?

Platform ladders are free standing, to allow users a way to stand on a flat surface while performing work. Thanks to their hinged design and non-adjustability, they stand firmly on the floor and ground and don't require leaning against the side of a building or against the wall.

Why use a platform ladder?

We recommend using platform ladders to help you stand and work easily. These ladders provide plenty of space for your tools while you work. Thanks to their versatility, stability, and durability, a platform ladder is the perfect solution for many types of work.

Contact Badger Ladder

If you have any questions about our work stands and other ladders, please give us a call at 1-800-863-9791. Or, you can direct questions about your order to us by emailing Our store hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 4:30PM CST. Our team is happy to provide you the information you need to make an informed decision about which heavy duty stepladder to choose for your building project. You can also refer to our buyer's guide to ladders and different types of ladders articles.