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Roofing Equipment

Badger Ladder & Scaffold has all the roofing equipment you need to safely work on your home. Shop our selection of roof brackets – both adjustable and non-adjustable, roof hooks, guard rail post holders and over plate hangers. Also, steel standoffs and fall protection harnesses for a safe working environment.

• Our products meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
• One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Roofing Hooks

Roofing hooks give you the freedom to quickly and safely access steep roofs. The hook attaches to the top two rungs of any ladder or extension ladder. A ladder hook is an ideal tool for climbing on a roof more safely; it is especially helpful when working with weak decking, wet or icy surfaces, and steep pitches. Secure almost any ladder to your roof simply by attaching the roofing hook to a ladder, rolling them up the roof and flipping it over so the hook sits on the opposite peak. Our selection of ridge hooks ensures that your ladder stays stable. You’ll be able to climb with ease once a hook gets installed, and you’ll be much safer as you continue to work. It’s a win for practicality and safety purposes.  

Chicken Ladders

These heavy-duty, super-tough chicken ladders make it easy to access and maneuver in hard-to-reach work areas. The raised, solid-steel rungs are hand-welded for safety with a reinforcement bar.  

Roof Brackets

Roofing brackets act as a safety net that helps prevent people from falling off the edge of the roof. Usually, the brackets are fastened to the roof and they secure the planks in place. A bracket is a device that overhangs or projects out from a wall to carry a weight.

Ask our team about the array of roofing equipment we have at our disposal. We’re happy to help you safely use our ladders, and the right equipment can make being safe that much more straightforward.