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360 1300_platform_1 1300c

Fiberglass Platform Stepladder


Titan 1300 ladders are rated at 375 lbs. maintain a full set of horizontals on the rear sections. The large work platform provides a secure and comfortable work area, while full boots and external rail shields add to the durability of the product. The safety guard rail at the top of the ladder encourages proper ladder use. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.


  • Large standing platform 14″ x 21″
  • 4 rivets attach top to each front rail
  • Back-up plates to reinforce top connectors
  • Every rivet backed up by metal plate or wasker to protect fiberglass
  • Full set of rear horizontals
  • Steel reinforced braces every step
  • 12″ Rail Shields
  • Shoulder bolt and nut on top hinge
  • Slip-resistant foot pad
  • Slip-resistant full rubber boots
  • Slip-resistant steps all knee braced

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NameHt.Ht. 2PlatformWt.PriceQuantity
12 ft.10 ft.64$416.00
10 ft.8 ft.54$298.00
8 ft.6 ft.42$224.00
6 ft.4 ft.30$170.00
5 ft.3 ft.25$160.00