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Scaffolding Accessories

Let Badger Ladder be your online resource for scaffolding accessories. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have all the scaffolding equipment you need for safe, efficient, scaffolding solutions. No matter the scaffolding accessories you need, at Badger Ladder, we have exactly what you need for your specific construction or roofing project. We can ensure that our scaffolding accessories are safe to use since they are designed to meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations. These requirements ensure that the weight of your crew and supplies can be safely supported.

Have questions about our scaffold accessories? Call us at (800) 863-9791. Or, feel free to check out our in-depth list of scaffolding accessories to see our recommendations for what to purchase alongside your scaffolding package(s).

  • Our products meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Scaffolding Accessories for Sale

When investing in quality scaffolding, (or staging), you will also need to purchase scaffolding equipment to ensure your safety during your building projects. Let Badger Ladder be your online source for quality scaffolding accessories for sale! With nearly 30 years of industry experience, we sell only reliable equipment from trusted brands like Titan, etc., to ensure proper, OSHA-approved stability and safety for you and your team.

Our Scaffolding Equipment

Please browse all our categories on this page. We sell a wide range of scaffolding accessories such as cross braces, hoist arms, well wheels, side brackets, access ladders, casters, and guard rail systems.

Scaffold Tower Guard Rail System

Our scaffold tower guard rail system is designed specifically to keep the scaffold safe and prevent accidental falls during use. In addition, our scaffold tower guard rail system is easy to use and install. To ensure your maximum safety, our guardrail system meets all scaffold safety regulations as set by OSHA. We have multiple customization options for the scaffold tower guard rail system. These include guard rail posts, 5 ft., 7ft., 10ft., and other customizations for your system. For more info, please take a look at the product photos and description for more details on the build and pricing for the scaffold tower guard rail system.

Galvanized Cross Braces

Badger Ladder's galvanized cross braces help your scaffolding to achieve full capacity, while also helping to prevent stacked frames from sliding. The cross braces are equipped with contractor grade performance and exceed OSHA standards. You can choose from different lengths to expand or contract the length of your scaffolding towers. Our galvanized cross braces work for both standard and walk-through scaffolding frames alike. Currently, our cross brace products include the 7' Galvanized Cross Braces and 10' Galvanized Cross Braces. Shop our galvanized cross braces and other scaffold accessories today.

Diagonal Braces

At Badger Ladder, our diagonal bracing products feature slide clamps at either end and are an effective solution for holding a scaffolding tower firm while rolling. Constructed from a high-quality galvanized steel, our diagonal bracing products include the 7' Diagonal Brace and the 10' Diagonal Brace. With diagonal braces, you'll enjoy a peace of mind when it comes to OSHA and ANSI scaffolding regulations. Purchase of either the 7' or the 10' diagonal brace will also include one squaring brace.

Well Wheels

The team at Badger Ladder knows from experience how frustrating it can be to have to hoist or transport items while performing work on a scaffolding system. As such, you'll want to invest in the proper scaffolding equipment for the job. If you need a well wheel for your hoist arm, we have a 10" diameter well wheel that can help you safely lift your equipment and building materials vertically on your scaffolding. Purchasing a well wheel will help your construction work be much more effective, and our 10" model is compatible with many types of scaffolding.

Hoist Arms

Do you need a hoist arm for your scaffolding? Hoist arms are used alongside well wheels (see above). At Badger Ladder, our all-steel hoist arm has a 75-pound capacity. This product is high quality, durable, and meets OSHA requirements. Shop with Badger Ladder online today for well wheels, hoist arms, and other scaffold equipment that meets and exceeds both OSHA and ANSI requirements!

Side Brackets

Let Badger Ladder be your source for side brackets for your scaffolding accessories. A side bracket functions by securing to the side of your scaffolding to help provide space for the plank. Side brackets are commonly manufactured with high quality steel and powder coated materials. Currently, our website lists the 20" Saddle Side Bracket, powder coated in yellow, and the 20" Angle Iron Side Bracket, designed in steel and powder coated in blue to resist tough conditions. Browse side brackets online today.

Access Ladder

Our 6' Access Ladder will enable you and your crew to quickly climb up your scaffold while also feeling safe while using your scaffolding system. It is manufactured from steel and is extremely durable. In addition, the ladder is securely bolted directly to the scaffold to ensure your safety. The 6' foot ladder available on our website comes in red paint and made from quality steel.

Mortar Board Stand

The collapsible mortar board stand acts as a table that is ideal for masonry or other projects. You can use the mortar board stand for either on the ground or on scaffold. This product folds flat for transport and storage. The stand can be use on its side, too. Additionally, the double chains will ensure there’s no over-extension of the legs. Easy to use, this product is manufactured using tubular steel to provide strength while also keeping low weight.

Steel Stair Units

Need a stair unit for your scaffolding equipment? We have a 7 foot long by 6 foot-4 inch high steel stair unit that comes with inside and outside handrails. Shop our steel stair unit product today. Investing in a high quality-made steel stair unit means that accessing your scaffolding is a safer process. Browse all our scaffolding accessories today!


Do you need to transport your scaffolding around the interiors of a church building project? If you are looking for easy movement across a smooth or solid surface, you'll want to purchase casters with a locking mechanism. Badger Ladder has an 8" industrial caster available. Each caster has a 500 lb capacity with a locking mechanism for safe stationary use. These industrial-grade casters for scaffolding are available with 1-3/8" and 1-1/4" stem. Every caster product we carry meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards.

Leveling Jacks

Our leveling jacks help to secure the foundation for your scaffolding, even if your scaffolding is sitting on an uneven surface. Adaptable to meet your needs, you can use either the Leveling Jack with Swivel Base Plate, Leveling Jack with Welded Base Plate, or the Leveling Jack with Socket End. You can use the Steel Base Plate also with your leveling jacks. For more information about which leveling jack you should choose for your scaffolding system, please review each product's description, or give our team a call. Let our team help you find the replacement leveling jacks you need for your scaffolding.

Rolling Tower Outrigger

Do you need a new or replacement heavy-duty stabilizer to go with your industrial scaffolding? Look no further than the rolling tower outrigger. Dimensions for the rolling tower outrigger are 27" H x 29" W. The socket on the outrigger is good for screw jacks, socket jacks, casters, and base plates. The rolling tower outrigger listed in this category is made with quality materials and is powder coated yellow.

Tie Brace with Right Angle Clamp

This tie brace soundly attaches your scaffolding to buildings according to OSHA requirements, to make your building project more efficient overall. For best performance, our tie brace comes with pre-drilled holes to enable you to attach it to corners or to flat walls and includes a bar and clamp to attach the bar to scaffold. Need help with our tie brace/right angle clamp or other scaffolding accessories? Please contact the staff at Badger Ladder today!


Need replacement scaffolding pins? No problem! To increase your safety while on the job, you'll need to invest in scaffolding accessories such as pins. Our replacement scaffolding pin products include the Coupling Pin & Spring Retainer, the Pig Tail Pin, the 3" Snap Pin, and the Toggle Pin

OSHA & ANSI Compliant Scaffolding Equipment

When you choose our scaffolding equipment, note that all equipment does not just meet, but exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations. The product you will receive meets compliance requirements. In addition, our scaffold planks come with a one-year warranty, should there be a manufacturer defect.Feel free to browse our catalog to find the items you need. You can order as much as you want, as long as we have it in stock. If you get what you need, then that’s the only time we’ll be satisfied. Shop at Badger Ladder for all of your scaffolding accessories.

Contact Badger Ladder

Questions on any of our scaffolding accessories? Please do not hesitate to contact Badger Ladder's helpful customer service representatives for all questions related to inventory, shipping, pricing, and more. Give our team a call today at 800-863-9791. Or, take a look at our guide to scaffolding for more info.