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Aluminum Planks & Stages

We provide planks and stages ranging from 14″ to 24″ and from 250 lb to 750 lb capacities for 1-3 people. All of our planks and stages are versatile and made of durable aluminum. These planks can be used in either supported or suspended scaffolding systems. We also offer aluminum extension planks at a 250 pound capacity.

• Our products meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
• One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Aluminum stages and planks are ideal for ladder jack, swing stage, or catwalk applications. Using a scaffold makes it possible to work on hard to reach areas such as the eaves or roofs of houses and many other high places. Not only does using a scaffold make it possible to work at heights, but it also makes it much safer. Aluminum scaffolding planks available in a multitude of widths and lengths, and weight rated for one, two, or three people.

What is a Scaffold?

A scaffold is basically an elevated platform that supports workers and materials. In speaking of a scaffold, it refers to a specific type of assembly structure that is most commonly of a temporary nature and primarily used to support workers and materials while they work. A scaffold must be of sturdy material and connecting frames and planks should be made with heavy duty bolts and couplers. Bolts and couplers are available in many forms, and the ones you use should depend on the size and shape of the desired framework of the scaffold.

Aluminum scaffold planks are very sturdy scaffolding and can help reduce the risk of injuries from falls on the job. Badger Ladder has a great selection of aluminum plank scaffolds at great prices and you can shop online.