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Pump Jacks

Pump Jack Scaffold System

Our Titan pump jack scaffold systems help you save time and money. This heavy-duty system is the complete solution for construction sites and remodeling. The pump jacks versatility is perfect for projects like roofing, siding, painting, building, insulating, and more. In addition, the lighting system is extremely easy to assemble on the jobsite.

To start assembling the Titan system, attach the workbench to the pump jack system. You will need to this for each side of the system. Once both sides are complete, insert the pole into the Titan system. You can join any size poles together with a pole connector (up to a maximum height of 48 feet for more flexibility).

Each of our pump jack poles come standard with a non-skid base, which is great for flat, hard surfaces. Also available, are spiked pull anchors, which are suitable for both uneven and rough terrain.

Next, you will need to attach the support braces to the structure. These feature a full swivel head for any wall or roof addition. Be sure to install the braces on top of both poles. Once the base ends and support braces are installed, you’re ready to erect the Titan pump jack system. Please watch the video here for the complete details on how to install the Titan pump jack scaffold system.

Pump Jack Options:

Badger Ladder is your source for aluminum pump jacks that get the job done! Here in our online store, we have a wide variety of pump jacks and other products that you’ll need as you plan for your next construction project. For your convenience, we offer aluminum pump jacks, pump jack systems, and all of the equipment and accessories you need to secure and lift your platform while you work.

We also have the option to customize with our Build Your Own Pump Jack products. Using an aluminum insert, aluminum pump jack brace, aluminum work bench, end rail swing gate and other products, you can custom create the pump jack package you need to get the job done. The Build Your Own option is good for if you need a custom setup, or you need to add onto your existing system.

Pump Jack Packages

Pump Jack Packages

At Badger Ladder, we offer everything you need to create a complete aluminum pump jack system or add onto your existing system. Our pump jack packages have a maximum height of 48 feet (with 2 24' poles, 1 extra joint, and 1 extra brace). Pump Jack shipping time: 7-10 working days for most of the United States.  

Aluminum Pump Jacks

Pump Jack System Parts

Badger Ladder and Scaffold offers everything you need to create a complete aluminum pump jack system or add onto your existing pump jack system. Our system parts include aluminum jacks, braces, joints, and a variety of aluminum poles for your scaffolding platforms. Available for you safety, Pump Jack Safety Net. Pump jack poles manufactured in the USA (Green Bay, WI).  

Build Your Own Pump Jack Package

Build Your Own Pump Jack Package

Building your own pump jack package is useful if you need a custom build, or you are adding an extension. Click here to build your own pump jack package to meet your specific needs.  


OSHA-Compliant Equipment

No matter if you are looking for steel braces, work bench options, guard rails or pole anchors, Badger Ladder provides reliable and OSHA-compliant equipment at competitive prices. In addition, all of our pump jacks either meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements. Questions? Please reach out to our customer service representatives and we will help you locate the pump jack product you need for your project. Give our friendly team a call at 1-800-863-9791 today!