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Pump Jacks

Are you in search of pump jacks for scaffolding to aid in your projects? Our Titan pump jack scaffold systems help you save time and money!

Discover the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of our Titan pump jack scaffold systems! This robust system offers a comprehensive solution for construction sites and remodeling projects. Moreover, the assembly of the lighting system on the job site is a breeze. The versatility of Titan pump jacks makes them ideal for a wide range of tasks, including roofing, siding, painting, building, insulation, and more.

Let Badger Ladder serve as your go-to online resource for pump jacks. Explore our pump jack packages view assembly instructions below. Badger Ladder is your source for high-quality pump jack scaffolding products. Choose below from our selection of packages, choose the specific part you need, or build your own! As always, please direct all questions to us at (800) 863-9791, or email us at

Pump Jack Scaffold Assembly Process

When you receive your pump jack system, it’s important to understand the proper assembly process to ensure the safety of you and your team during work. From attaching the workbench, to the final step of erecting the Titan pump jack system, let’s go over each detail. Below, you'll find step-by-step instructions for assembling the Titan pump jack system:

  • Attach the Workbench: To initiate the assembly of the Titan system, first start by attaching the workbench to the pump jack system. Repeat this process for each side of the system.
  • Insert the Pole: Once both sides are complete, you’ll next insert the pole into the Titan system. If necessary, you can connect multiple poles using a pole connector, allowing for a maximum height of 48 feet to enhance flexibility.
  • Attach the Non-Skid Base and Spiked Pull Anchors: Each of our pump jack poles includes a standard non-skid base, ideal for flat, solid surfaces. For uneven or rough terrain, consider using our spiked pull anchors to ensure the utmost stability.
  • Attach the Support Braces: Next, attach the support braces to the structure. These braces feature a full swivel head, accommodating various wall or roof configurations. Ensure you install braces on top of both poles.
  • Erecting the Titan Pump Jack System: With the base ends and support braces securely in place, you are now ready to erect the Titan pump jack system. For detailed instructions on installing the Titan pump jack scaffold system, please refer to the video provided above.

Customize Your Pump Jack Scaffolding

Let Badger Ladder be your source for a custom pump jack package! We offer a diverse range of pump jack scaffolding and related products to prep for your upcoming construction project. Our online selection of pump jack scaffolding includes aluminum pump jacks, pump jack systems, and a large inventory of equipment and accessories to ensure the safety and stability of your work platform. We also provide the flexibility of customization through our 'Build Your Own Pump Jack' scaffolding products. By utilizing components such as aluminum inserts, aluminum pump jack braces, aluminum workbenches, end rail swing gates, and more, you have the opportunity to craft a personalized pump jack package customized to your specific project requirements.

The 'Build Your Own' option is particularly beneficial when you need a unique configuration or wish to expand your existing system. Please explore our full range of pump jack system products below to find the solutions that best suit your needs.

Our Pump Jack Products

Our pump jack scaffolding products include pump jack packages, system parts, and build-your-own package options. You have the option to order individual parts that you need, order pre-made packages, or build and customize your own packages. No matter your choice, each product is the perfect fit for individuals and companies alike seeking a safe and efficient setup solution. Let’s go over each products:

Pump Jack Packages

Pump Jack Packages

Explore our selection of pump jack packages designed with all the essential components required to assemble an aluminum pump jack system and improve your construction setups. Our pump jack packages are engineered for versatility, offering the possibility of reaching impressive heights, with a maximum height of up to 48 feet. Achieve this height by utilizing two 24-foot poles, an extra joint, and an additional brace. At Badger Ladder, we understand the urgency of your construction projects. This means that we strive to deliver your pump jack equipment promptly. In most cases, you can expect your order to arrive within 7 to 10 business days, ensuring that you can get to work and meet your project deadlines.


Pump Jack System Parts

Our large online inventory comprises a wide range of essential pump jack system parts, including aluminum jacks, braces, joints, and a selection of aluminum poles designed to accommodate various pump jack scaffolding platforms. We also offer the Pump Jack Safety Net, an important accessory to enhance your worksite's safety measures. Notably, our commitment to quality extends to the manufacturing of pump jack poles. Rest assured that our products are crafted to the highest standards, delivering reliability and durability to meet your construction needs.


Build Your Own Pump Jack Package

At Badger Ladder, we make it simple to build your own pump jack package. Putting together your custom pump jack package offers invaluable advantages. When you build your own package, you gain the flexibility to configure it according to your requirements. This customization includes the package base, aluminum pump jack poles, aluminum stages, and end rail swing gates. Moreover, you have the option to incorporate add-ons like aluminum inserts to further enhance the functionality of your pump jack system. Take the first step toward creating your ideal pump jack package with the build your own package 2.

Pump Jacks for Siding

Planning a siding installation project? You should invest in pump jacks for siding. Of course, these Titan pump jacks are also well-suited for roofing or other construction, maintenance, or DIY projects. Each one of our Titan pump jack configurations are OSHA-compliant for your peace of mind.

Questions? Please reach out to our customer service representatives and we will help you locate the pump jack scaffolding product you need for your project or answer any questions you have on shipping. Give our friendly team a call at 1-800-863-9791 today.

OSHA-Compliant Pump Jack Equipment

Badger Ladder's products are compliant with the standards that are set by OSHA. No matter if you are looking for steel braces, work bench options, guard rails, or pole anchors, Badger Ladder provides reliable and OSHA-compliant equipment at competitive prices. Also, our pump jacks either meet or exceed ANSI requirements. Read all general requirements here to find more information about OSHA regulations. Badger Ladder has proudly served our clients for nearly thirty years. With many years of industry experience, Badger Ladder is your online source for all things scaffolding, pump jacks, ladders, and other construction supplies for the jobsite. Currently, we have warehouses in Green Bay, WI, Savannah, GA, Cranbury, NJ, and our most recent warehouse in Tacoma, WA.

With years of selling pump jack scaffolding products, ladders, roofing equipment, and more, you can rely on us to deliver quality products and professional support. Please contact us today if you need any assistance with your pump jack scaffolding products.

Product FAQ's

A pump jack scaffold is a system that’s designed to be raised and lowered in a similar way as an automobile jack is. Pump jack scaffolds are comprised of a platform that’s supported by brackets on vertical poles. Thanks to their easy adjustability, many workers prefer the flexibility of a pump jack scaffold system when compared with other scaffolding systems. More info here about supported scaffolds.

To properly use a pump jack, you must first make sure you properly install the system before use. You’ll need to follow assembly instructions or an instructional video on proper assembly and use. For using for projects, pump jack systems are ideal for construction, painting, roofing and siding projects and more. The pump jack system by Titan has the versatility you’re looking for in your construction project.

When setting up your pump jack, you will need to first, attach the support brace to the roof of the building. Then, using the pole connector, connect the poles and then slide the workbench onto the pole. From there, attach the pump jack to the pole and then align the mounting holes in the workbench and pump jack. Now, secure with the bolt and nut provided. For soft ground either a pole anchor or a pole foot with a wood sill plate is required. Now raise the pole to the support brace. Attach the pole to the house by securing the pole to the support brace. Next, attach the middle support brace to the side of the building.

The last steps are to place the platform stage on the pump jack. To secure the stage, run the chain through the rung and reattach to the support arm using the provided quick link. Install the guardrails at each end of the stage. Set the stage for the workbench on the supports and secure with chain. Lastly, install the safety net between the work bench and platform stage.

When setting up a pump jack scaffolding system, it is vital to have safety in mind. For your protection, you should always ensure that no more than two people are standing on the cross plank at a time. Nobody should stand on the workbench. Please also keep in mind that the load should not exceed 500lbs.

Other work safety tips for pump jack scaffolding include having workers wear fall-arresting gear and/or install safety nets. The pump jack system should also ensure that any open sides of the platform should be secured with guardrails and have the poles properly secured.

Maximum height: 48 feet (with 2 24′ poles, brace, and joint). At Badger Ladder, we provide high-quality pump jack systems constructed to secure, lift, and lower your scaffold platform while you work. Pump jacks are scaffolds consisting of poles, a foot pump, and scaffold planks. Our pump jack scaffolding is ideal for construction, painting, and roofing.