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Multi-Function Scaffolding

Need a reliable and flexible scaffolding system that can adapt to various construction tasks? Look no further than Badger Ladder’s multifunction scaffolding products. Our multi-function scaffolding is designed to provide a safe and efficient platform for working at various heights while also prioritizing you and your worker’s safety.

Let Badger Ladder be your online source for multi-function scaffolding products! Our Mobile work stands and multi-function scaffold systems are in stock and ready for shipping. Also, don’t forget outriggers for the multi-function scaffolds and the guard rail set for your construction projects.


  • Our products meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Our Multi-Function Scaffolding Products

Our multi-function scaffolding products include our commercial drywall carts, guard rail sets, multi-function replacement casters, multi-function scaffolds, and scaffold outriggers. Browse all products below, or view all scaffolding for sale here.

Multi-Function Scaffold

Badger Ladder's steel rolling baker multi-function scaffold is a high-quality and professional grade system that will withstand everyday use on the construction site. It is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use and for various different types of applications.

In addition, our baker multi-function scaffold features a sturdy, steel frame to ensure compliance, durability, and safety of every worker that uses it. This scaffold product can support weights of up to 1000 pounds.

Enjoy easy adjustability to reach high ceilings or other hard-to-reach areas. Not only that, but our multi-function scaffold allows for easy stacking. A single unit includes 2 ends, 2 trusses, 1 plank, and 4 casters. Take a look at our baker scaffold here.

Drywall Carts

Introducing our heavy-duty, 3000 pound capacity drywall cart - the ultimate solution for professional installers! This commercial-grade drywall cart is built to withstand the demands of any use on any construction site.

It's equipped with slim dimensions and rounded corners to make it just the right fit for easily rounding tight turns and getting through doorways. So, no matter if you need this drywall cart to easily transport drywall sheets or various materials around the shop or jobsite, you'll benefit from it's excellent capacity (3000lbs), optimal dimensions, (12"W x 49"L), good maneuverability thanks to its four, 8" swivel casters, durable construction, and compliance with OSHA.

Be sure to take a closer look at our drywall cart with our comprehensive photo gallery showcasing its 360° product view and detailed features.

Multi-Function Replacement Casters

Need multi-function casters for ease of transportation? Our multi-function replacement caster is manufactured to fit square tube posts of multi-function scaffolds and other compatible units. Each caster offers smooth rolling, easy installation, integrated brakes that lock the casters firmly into place, and a 1" square stem with cross drilled holes.

With its smooth rolling action and easy installation process, Badger Ladder's casters are a reliable solution for improving mobility in your scaffold system setup. Take a look at our multi-function replacement casters here. Also, here is some information to refer to for scaffold caster regulations.

Guardrail Sets

To ensure a safe and secure working environment, you should definitely consider investing in a guardrail set for your multifunction scaffolding. The guardrail sets at Badger Ladder offer fall protection, reinforced stability, and compliance with all safety regulations.

Our guard rail sets are specially designed for your particular scaffold mold to ensure the best fit and compatibility. The listing on our website is the complete guard rail set for multi-function scaffolding.

Multi-Function Scaffold Outriggers

Also in this category you'll find our scaffold outriggers. Outriggers for a multi-function scaffold provide increased support and stability of the overall system. Badger Ladder's multi-function scaffold outriggers are attached at the base of the scaffold structure.

In our listing on the website, you'll notice that we have a set of 4 available for purchase. As with our other products, you can expect the multi-function scaffold outrigger to be fully designed and compliant with OSHA regulations.

Shop Badger Ladder Online for Multi-Function Scaffolding

If you're looking for flexibility and versatility while on the jobsite, look no further than Badger Ladder! Get started by browsing our products here. Our products are manufactured to be high quality, support heavy duty weight, and provide the balance and versatility you need. As always, you can trust the compliance in each of our products as well. More information here in this guide to scaffold use in the construction industry.

Questions for our team? Please reach out to Badger Ladder at 1 (800) 863-9791 or email us at

Have questions about choosing the right scaffolding for your project? Take a look at our article here for more helpful information. Also, if you need additional info about scaffolds in general, please take a look at our ultimate guide to scaffolding.