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Scaffold Planks

At Badger Ladder, we focus on providing superior quality and services for all our customers who need to invest in scaffold planks for their scaffolding system. For more than 30 years, we have been providing scaffolding planks with multiple material options. These include all-aluminum, aluminum planks with plywood platforms, and laminated scaffold-grade planks. If you are looking for scaffold planks for sale, the two product types you’ll currently find on our website are the All-Aluminum Scaffold Plank (Walk Board)(19″ Wide Aluminum Deck), and the Aluminum Scaffold Plank (Walk Board) With Plywood Top (19″ Wide Plywood Deck).

  • Our scaffolding planks meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Shop Scaffolding Planks Online

All our scaffold plank options are fully tested to ensure they are in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards. As such, each product we carry is durable and provides a safe work surface for your scaffold system. These planks are versatile can be used in either supported or suspended scaffolding systems.

All-Aluminum Scaffold Planks

Badger Ladder is your online source for all-aluminum scaffold planks. You'll find that we offer choices of 7-foot (handling seventy-five pounds per square foot), and 10-foot (handling fifty pounds per square foot), depending on your needs and scaffolding system setup. Whether you choose AP-7A or AP-10A, these 19" wide planks are great for either supporting or suspending scaffolding systems. Shop all-aluminum plank scaffolding today with Badger Ladder!

Aluminum/Plywood Scaffold Plank

Like the all-aluminum scaffold plank, the aluminum plank with plywood top comes in the 7-foot and 10-foot options. Respectively, the 7-foot (AP-7), can handle seventy-five pounds per square foot, while the 10-foot can handle fifty pounds per square foot. Both the AP-7 and AP-10 provide a sturdy work platform on your scaffolding structures. Additionally, this plank comes with a 19" width. Shop aluminum plank scaffolding with plywood today.

OSHA & ANSI Compliant Scaffold Boards

Whether you choose all-aluminum, or aluminum scaffold board with plywood, note that all planks exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations. In addition, our plank scaffolding come with a one-year warranty, should there be a manufacturer defect. Read more here for general scaffolding information. Questions? Please contact Badger Ladder's helpful customer service representatives for all questions related to inventory, shipping, pricing, and more. Give our team a call today at (800) 863-9791.

Plank Scaffolding FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when looking to purchase plank scaffolding for your building projects:

How much weight can a scaffold plank hold?

A medium-duty scaffold plank has an intended load of 50 pounds per square foot, while a heavy-duty scaffold plank is at 70 pounds per square foot. Light-duty scaffolding planks will allow for only 25 pounds per square foot. Currently, we don't carry light-duty scaffolding planks.

How much does a scaffold plank weight?

A 7-foot scaffold plank weight approximately 27 pounds, while a 10-foot scaffold plank weight around 38 pounds. If you're unsure about the weight of your plank, check the product specifications in the product description.

What wood is used for scaffold planks?

Fir, pine, or plywood are the most common materials used for wood scaffold planks. High-quality planks from Badger Ladder include an aluminum scaffold frame with a plywood top for maximum durability, while also staying lightweight to ensure best performance.

What material is acceptable for scaffold planks?

An acceptable scaffold plank that meets OSHA requirements would use materials like aluminum, Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, or Southern yellow pine. These materials have all been tested to ensure safety and durability for workers on the job.

What size is a scaffolding plank?

The standard size for a scaffolding plank is 38mm thickness, 225cm width, and 3.9m length. Badger Ladder offers 7-foot 75 pounds per square foot, and 10-foot decks 50 pounds per square foot scaffolding planks.

Where can I buy scaffold planks?

When shopping for scaffold planks, you will want to ensure you are shopping with a reputable company whose products are tested and proven to be designed to meet requirements as set by OSHA/ANSI. In other words, don't just simply buy boards from a lumber yard and assume they're OSHA-compliant. You will want to ensure your scaffolding planks are the correct sizing, and have been tested for quality and stability. Read more here to get a comprehensive guide to selecting the right scaffold boards.

About Badger Ladder

Our company has proudly served our clients throughout the United States fore more than three decades. With years of industry experience, we are proud to provide quality products that deliver results and exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements. Our scaffolding planks bring all the benefits of quality, safety, and longevity to your construction equipment, making your construction projects more efficient and run more smoothly.

If you have questions on scaffolding planks, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team by calling us at 1-800-863-9791. For an overview of scaffolding systems in general, please refer to our ultimate guide to scaffolding.