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Extension Ladders

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Extension Ladders

Badger Ladder has served our customers for more than 30 years, and we have expertise in ladder equipment, including fiberglass cable ladders, 1A Extra Heavy Duty ladders, and 1AA Extra Heavy Duty ladders. Fiberglass extension ladders provide many benefits and are well-suited for a range of construction projects.

We offer fiberglass extension ladders with weight capacities ranging from 250 pounds (heavy duty) to 375 (extra-heavy duty). All of our fiberglass extension ladders are OSHA and ANSI compliant. Shop all our ladders below, or reach out to our team with questions!

• Our fiberglass extension ladders either meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI regulations.
• One-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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Shop Fiberglass Extension Ladders Online

Badger Ladder's fiberglass extension ladder products include our 28' fiberglass cable ladder, which comes with a pole grip already started and extends to 28 feet in height. We also currently carry the Type 1A and Type 1AA Extra Heavy Duty fiberglass extension ladders.

As opposed to a step ladder that only raises you a few inches off the ground, an extension ladder allows you to reach heights of more than 10 feet, making it the perfect tool for high-up tasks around your home. An extension ladder can help you tackle roof repair and even tasks inside the home with ease.

Extension Ladders for Home Use

Sometimes, you need more reach than a standard fiberglass ladder can provide. That’s where an extension ladder comes in. Extension ladders are easy to store, transport, and extend far enough to reach the desired height for many construction projects. They are great for a wide range of tasks, from cleaning the gutters or trimming trees, or they can be used at their base height for lower projects like hanging a picture or putting up Christmas lights.

Buying Guide to Extension Ladders

When purchasing a fiberglass extension ladder, there are several factors you need to consider. These include length, class, weight, and whether you will need accessories to complete your job and materials.

Fiberglass Ladder Length

The number one consideration to think about when purchasing a ladder is its overall length. The advertised height of a ladder is its height when it’s fully extended. However, extension ladders are adjustable, so you can usually set them at one-inch increments starting at half the ladder’s height.

Fiberglass Ladder Class

We sell the following two ladder classes, each of which has different uses:

  • Type IAA - This type is designed to hold up to 375 pounds.
  • Type IA - This is an industrial-grade ladder that holds up to 300 pounds.

Fiberglass Ladder Weight

Extension ladders are either made of aluminum or fiberglass. Fiberglass ladders are usually stronger than aluminum extension ladders, but they aren’t as light and easy to move from place to place. Fiberglass extension ladders are also typically better for heavy-duty projects because of their durability.

Fiberglass Ladder Accessories

Since fiberglass extension ladders help you reach high places in your home or on the jobsite, there is a chance of possible injury or damage that can happen to your home. To prevent any injuries or damage from occurring, you can buy ladder accessories like stabilizers, ladder mitts, and roof hooks.

For more information about purchasing the right ladder for your needs, please take a look at our buying guide to ladders.

Fiberglass Extension Ladders FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about extension ladders made from fiberglass:

How long is a 24 foot extension ladder?

A 24-foot extension ladder, when fully extended, reaches a length of 24 feet. However, when considering the length of a 24-foot extension ladder, you should keep in mind that the maximum extended length will be 21 feet as the section overlap by around one foot when the ladder is at its max. Many get confused as each side of a ladder is 12 feet long.

How heavy is a 24 ft fiberglass extension ladder?

The estimated weight for a 24 ft fiberglass extension ladder is around 50 pounds, but may be more or less depending on the material and ladder type. Some heavier-duty models may weigh more, especially those designed for professional or industrial use. The fiberglass material, while offering durability and resistance to electricity, adds to the weight compared to aluminum ladders. It's important to check the specific weight of the ladder model you are considering, to make sure you get the best ladder for your purposes.

How to repair fiberglass extension ladder?

To start, first measure the ladder's legs and marking these dimensions on wood. Next, cut the wood to size and prepare fiberglass mat by cutting it to match the wood's shape. Use additional fiberglass strips to fill any gaps. Next, clean the ladder with alcohol and let it dry before mixing resin with hardener. Mix thoroughly, then apply the resin to the area needing repair, ensuring it is well-coated. Place the fiberglass mat over the resin, adding another resin layer on top. Then, apply resin to the cut wood and the ladder's walls, ensuring ample coverage. Fit the wood into the designated space, pressing firmly, and apply another layer of resin outside the wood.

How to tell what brand of fiberglass extension ladder you have?

To identify the brand of a fiberglass extension ladder you have, start by examining it for any visible branding, logos, or manufacturer's marks. These are often found on the side rails, top cap, or bottom feet of the ladder. You can also look for unique design features or color schemes specific to certain brands. This is especially helpful if the ladder has been painted or labels have been worn off, Additionally, check the ladder's safety labels or instruction stickers, which usually mention the manufacturer's name or brand.

Why Choose Badger Ladder for Fiberglass Extension Ladders?

With more than 30 years dedicated to ladder, scaffolding, pump jacks, roofing equipment, and other products, you can trust Badger Ladder to always deliver on quality and fast services. We have warehouses in Green Bay, WI, Savannah, GA, and Cranbury, NJ, and can provide for your every extension ladder need.

Have questions for our team about the type of fiberglass ladder you should get, or whether you should choose fiberglass or aluminum? Please contact us online, or give us a call directly at (800) 863-9791 and we'll be happy to assist you with any questions relating to your fiberglass extension ladder.