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7′ Galvanized Cross Braces


Ensure you scaffolding is safe and secure with this 7 ft. scaffold cross brace.

  • Cross braces enable scaffolding to reach full load capacity
  • Works with both standard and walk thru scaffold frames
  • Prevents scaffold towers from sliding
Name H2H Dim.Lock SpanUse Price Quantity
7' 3 3/8"2'For use on 3' high frames$18.50
7' 7 3/8"3'For use on 4' high frames$18.50
7' 4 15/32"27-3/4"For No. 5 and 6 BilJax style scaffolding$18.50
8' 3/4"4'For use on 5' & 6' high frames$18.50