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10′ Galvanized Cross Braces


Our 10 ft. scaffold cross brace is used help prevent stacked frames from sliding. Contractor grade performance and exceeds OSHA standards.

10 ft. Galvanized Steel Scaffold Cross Brace

  • Choose from a variety of lengths to expand or contract the length of your Scaffolding Towers
  • Cross braces enable scaffolding to reachfull load capacity
  • Works with both standard and walk thru scaffold frames
Name H2H Dim.Lock SpanUse Price Quantity
10' 2 3/42'3' high frames$24.50
10' 5 5/163'4' high frames$24.50
10' 9 1/44'5 & 6' high frames$24.50
10' 3 5/3227-3/4"For #5&6 BilJax Style Scaffolding$24.50