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Roofing Equipment

Badger Ladder & Scaffold supplies roof brackets, both adjustable and non-adjustable, guard rail post holders and over plate hangers. Also, steel standoffs and fall protection harnesses for a safe working environment.
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  • Our products meets OSHA and ANSI regulations. We offer safe, quality construction.
  • Versatility. If you have any questions about whether our products would be ideal for your projects, please call us at 800-863-9791.
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All our products meet and/or exceed the OSHA & ANSI requirements for steel scaffold.

  1. Residential Guardrail System

    Provides fall protection, slide guard & toeboard
    Installs and removes like roof brackets
    Interleaves with Shingles & slotted for easy removal
    Positions for various roof pitches up to 16/12
    Works on all rake and gabled edges
    Maximum spacing 8' apart (used with construction grade lumber)
    Can be used in all phases of construction
    Powder coated safety yellow

    Learn More
  2. Adjustable Steel Roof Bracket

    Adjustable Steel Roof Bracket


    Quality Adjustable Steel Roof Bracket.  Holds up to a 10" plank and adjusts to 45, 60 or 90 degree angles Learn More
  3. Steel Wall Bracket

    Steel Wall Bracket


    Affix these Quality Steel Wall Brackets to your structure and Build a Stable platform to work from. Perfect for working along a Roof Line. Learn More
  4. Guard Rail Post Holder with Post

    Guard Rail Post Holder with Post


    Use the Guard Rail Post Holder with Post to attach rails and secure the platforms for the work crew.   This attaches to the Wall Brackets Learn More
  5. Steel Over Plate Hanger

    Steel Over Plate Hanger


    This Steel over the Plate Hanger attaches over the Header of a Wall.  You can then attach a Wall Bracket to the Hanger.  This way you do not have to nail the Wall Bracket into the studs.

    Learn More
  6. Steel Stand Off

    Steel Stand Off


    Use this Durable Steel Standoff when attaching Ladders to the roof. Create a stable working environment that you can count on Learn More
  7. Fall Protection Kit

    Fall Protection Kit


    The roofing kit that you will recieve includes a Harness, 6' shock lanyard, 50'-5/8" Lifeline, 5/8" Rope Grab, Reusable Roof Bracket and tool Bag. Learn More
  8. Roof Hook

    Roof Hook


    Quality Roof Hook , Comes with wheel on back.  Attaches to any style Extension Ladder
    Learn More
  9. Roof Brackets

    Roof Brackets

    Starting at: $5.75

    Quality Roof Brackets come in 45, 60, or 90 degree angles Learn More